About us.

Reinhard Binder has a long-standing experience in identity development for companies, institutions and brands. Among others, he worked at Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux for 16 years as the General Manager and Creative Director for the collective offices of the firm. Besides many other projects, he supervised the development and implementation of corporate identity (CI) of Deutsche Telekom and directed the mandate of the BMW Group for 10 years, one of the most extensive and complex CI programmes of Interbrand. Under his direction, the new brand appearance of MINI was launched. Reinhard Binder studied Visual Communication at the University of Fine Arts in Berlin and accumulated his professional experience primarily in the advertising industry.
 Annette Michael was, after having passed throuh multiple career stations, working at publishing houses, media and agencies in the PR sctor, active in different offices at Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux for many years, lastly as Corporate Communications Director in Germany. Her field of expertise lies with internal and external communications projects from conception to implementation. Annette Michael studied Journalism and Romance Philology at the Free University of Berlin and at the University of Milan. She gained profiles primarily with campaigns in social and non-profit sectors. She is a sponsoring member of the Association of German Press Spokespersons.