Sun Express.
With a sunny symbol,
warm color
and fresh swing.


SunExpress, joint subsidiary of Lufthansa and Turkish Airlines, connected primarily Turkish holiday destinations with German metropolitan areas as a carrier of long-standing service. After 20 years, the company changed its image from a rather reserved quiet and cool service provider to a self-confident airline that not only transports holidaymakers, but also interlinks important destinations within the domestic market.

The original design was a derivative of Lufthansa’s dark blue in Helvetica lettering and round line signet. This conveyed sobriety, solidarity and security. For the future image, however, it was envisioned, that the emotional quality and mature self-confidence should be made more distinctly visible and perceivable.

Along with the consistent further development and emotionalization of the brand, this re-positioning becomes salient in the entirety of its corporate design without losing its recognizability or risking dissociation from its origin.

Currently, we are developing a new design of the cabin interior of SunExpress.