Kita Frankfurt.
Learn life together.


How can competence be communicated and its strengths and presence made visible? How can a company conquer clients and attract public interest, holding its ground despite increasing competition, above all in terms of securing excellent human resources? With its 140 branch establishments, Kita Frankfurt has been making an important contribution to the early education and learning. Goal of a new communications program was, to make this contribution visible and comprehensible. With a concentrated and self-confident communicative effectiveness, both internally and externally, a joint identity was created.

The brand identity developed by Visions2form has provided a strong overall frame, which deliberately leaves room for the implementation of individual communication measures. The jointly created values serve as a solid basis for consistent communication, symbolism and brand elements with matching forms, colours, lettering and arrangements. In a game-like manner, new figures spring from a single prototype figure. A visible presence reigns over all forms by a uniform marker. Thus, each branch establishment represents the high quality of Kita Frankfurt while still having room to further and develop individual accents.

Through its distinguished presence, above all by carrying out regular personnel recruitment campaigns, Kita Frankfurt has already engraved itself indelibly into the public awareness and image of the city.