CLAAS Pictograms.
Touch-and-get functions.



Pictograms play an important role in daily life. They are ubiquitous in public places (traffic signs or signposts), digital applications (icons, buttons) and appliance operating elements. They help us find directions and facilitate the use of technical devices. In the domain of brand development, however, such pictorial symbols have rarely stood in the centre of attention. It is not uncommon to see different symbols for the same function. This is confusing and inconvenient for users because they have to adjust to multiple meanings of single icons. A new symbol system has been designed to enhance the user convenience of the products of the agromachine manufacturer CLAAS and procure a worldwide uniformly recognizable symbol language. Such uniform pictograms are used in CLAAS on operating elements in cockpits, on monitors and mobile devices, in web shops and printed user manuals. Once we know what a certain pictogram stands for, we can recognize its function instantly without any need for translation. Uniform pictograms are especially important for companies operating at global level.

The design principles of pictograms are derived from the logo and product- and company-specific lettering. More than 500 newly created symbols are stored in a central database along with the functions they stand for, so that they can be used uniformly for all media. Project with André Leonhard, Berlin