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The name CLAAS represents top-notch reaping machines and agrotechnics across the world. Nevertheless, the high requirements cannot be fully appreciated in local trade, the growing product portfolio with an increasing number of exclusive retailers necessarily requiring new communicative qualities for the brand presentation at points of sale and service. In the globally growing structures with a large stock of buildings varying greatly from region to region, a “second skin” ensures a consistent and high-quality brand presence. It does not interfere with the existing buildings, but is constructed fully independently and offers, besides brand identification, diverse possibilities of a constantly updatable product presentation. This brings important additional economic and logistic marketing advantages. Furthermore, it endowed the overall corporate design with a new design element that makes the use of the colour green a typical brand landscape: the CLAAS “progression”. A symbol that brings technics and nature together and makes the whole communication independent, spontaneously recognizable and unequivocally distinctive.