Our References.


For these brands, we worked in various contexts for different objectives over long stretches of time under long-term contracts, contributing decisively to their brand identities. We will be happy to present you those projects personally.

Visions2form has accumulated a wealth of unique experiences in the field of identity development, brand conception and communication. Strategic and creative development, prototype planning and practical implementation and upkeep of reliable long-run back-office support of our clients representing distinguished brands such as Deutsche Telekom, BMW/MINI, Dresdner Bank, ThyssenKrupp, Loewe etc. are prerequisites for a successful brand positioning.

Stiftung Bruderhaus Ravensburg


(Deutsch) Wertschätzung für Altenpflege und angrenzende Dienstleistungen  zu generieren war der Ansatz beim Kommunikationskonzept der Stiftung Bruderhaus Ravensburg.

Als städtische, bereits im Mittelalter gegründete Einrichtung, betreibt die Stiftung Dienstleistungen rund um das Thema Alter: stationäre Pflege, ambulante Pflege wie auch attraktive betreute Wohneinrichtungen in Ravensburg und Umgebung. Eine herzliche Atmosphäre und hohe Professionalität zeichnen diese Angebot aus. Jedes Jahr wieder wird die Stiftung Bruderhaus Ravensburg von der Zeitschrift Fokus unter die 10 besten Pflegeeinrichtungen in Deutschland gewählt.

Mit einem integrierten Kommunikationskonzept wird diese Qualität sichtbar, auch mit dem Ziel qualifiziertes Personal zu gewinnen. Gleichzeitig zeigt die Kampagne, dass Alter Freude machen kann, gerade wenn man es in Gemeinschaft erlebt. Die Fotos zeigen allesamt Bewohnerinnen der Stiftung. Fotos von Felix Kästle, Ravensburg.

Angemessene Kommunikation für wichtige Arbeit.

(Deutsch) KIG_BWM-Claim_FA

(Deutsch) Das Kindergesundheitshaus e.V. betreut und begleitet hochbelastete Familien mit frühgeborenen oder chronisch kranken Kindern während der Klinikzeit, beim Übergang nach Hause und bei den ersten Schritten im Alltag. Es ist an 3 Standorten in Berlin tätig: dem Vivantes Klinikum Neukölln, der Charité Campus Virchow Klinikum und am DRK-Klinikum Westend. Zusätzlich bieten der Verein werdenden und jungen Eltern Begleitung und Hilfestellung im Rahmen der Sozialpädagogischen Familienhilfeangebote.

Visions2Form entwickelte  für das Kindergesundheitshaus e.V. einen neuen, angebotsbezogenen Auftritt und begleitet den Verein laufend bei allen kommunikativen Maßnahmen.

Kita Frankfurt.
Learn life together.


How can competence be communicated and its strengths and presence made visible? How can a company conquer clients and attract public interest, holding its ground despite increasing competition, above all in terms of securing excellent human resources? With its 140 branch establishments, Kita Frankfurt has been making an important contribution to the early education and learning. Goal of a new communications program was, to make this contribution visible and comprehensible. With a concentrated and self-confident communicative effectiveness, both internally and externally, a joint identity was created.

The brand identity developed by Visions2form has provided a strong overall frame, which deliberately leaves room for the implementation of individual communication measures. The jointly created values serve as a solid basis for consistent communication, symbolism and brand elements with matching forms, colours, lettering and arrangements. In a game-like manner, new figures spring from a single prototype figure. A visible presence reigns over all forms by a uniform marker. Thus, each branch establishment represents the high quality of Kita Frankfurt while still having room to further and develop individual accents.

Through its distinguished presence, above all by carrying out regular personnel recruitment campaigns, Kita Frankfurt has already engraved itself indelibly into the public awareness and image of the city.

Differently simple.


How can a medium-sized agro-industrial company present itself on the market professionally and distinctively and organize its service-related communication in a well-structured and understandable manner for clients? A solid cornerstone of brand identity towards a new brand-name launch was laid in joint workshops with the managerial staff of Bintec, whereby values and themes were defined and subsequently the segmentation of services, future communication and the new corporate design were developed. The new launch sets the company apart from competitors distinctively and provides orientation for clients and business partners, be it logo or communicative measures. The new brand presence is structured professionally with fresh and clear profiles.

When developing a brand identity, easy implementation of individual measures and their integration into the existing software systems are important elements to be taken into account.

Family Ties +.
Family support
and parental outreach.


Making visible its competence in social work and leveraging its well-deserved recognition were the main objectives of our support for Family Ties+. For this company, which is engaged in the field of family support and parental outreach, visions2form developed the name, claim and corporate design, and accompanies the entire communicative measures.

The social work sector is a domain whose professional presentation is still underestimated despite its great social impact and high-quality service. For social work-related companies and institutions, visions2form provides assistance in all their communicative concerns even if only a small budget is allocated.

Passion for Numbers.


Sometimes it is necessary to let some fresh wind blow. MSW, a medium-sized company for corporate and tax consulting has experienced an organic development over many years. Its communicative presentation was rather outdated and no longer reflected the advanced position of the company including its focal points, corporate consulting and auditing. The company’s move into a new office offered an optimal occasion for a rejuvenation treatment.

With a new claim, a modern image concept and a visually salient service structuring, it was aimed to facilitate client orientation. Personal communication with a high client appeal, that is understandable without unnecessary professional jargons, leaves clients with a long-lasting impression. A concept of modular brochures and product sheets makes it possible to immediately enter into a precisely targeted dialogue with individual clients. The mobile exhibition stand system also gives a lasting impression in trade fairs and exhibitions.

Kita Bremen.
Public and attractive.


“Especially education needs professional communication and power of a brand to finally generate appreciation and receive the recognition it deserves!”

It is our particular concern to also use our long-standing experience in brand development also for the facets of life as important as education. Political lip service about how important early education is does not bring it the overdue public recognition. Procuring more transparency, visibility and comprehensibility for the extensive offers, polyvalent services and quality of educational and administrative staffs is a pressing issue, especially for public institutions, to secure a necessary competitive edge and to gain appeal among human resources and education-related target groups.

Only a society, which gives this occupational group and its functions and tasks the highest esteem and respect, not only under financial aspects, but also in equipment, appearance and perception, really has a future with its greatest capital: the children. For 8000 children and 1500 staff members, this high regard has now taken a visible start in Bremen.

From car electrician
to car service.


Concepts for evolutionary development of the Bosch Services with a new profile, new areas of service and a new POS design. 1996-97.

Museum Island Berlin.
Board of Trustees.


A signet was designed for the presentation and PR activities of the companies involved in the restoration and expansion of the Museum Island, which connects and transmits the spirit, idea and the future of this unique museum ensemble.