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(Deutsch) Unternehmenswerte
machen erfolgreich.

(Deutsch) Wie kommt ein Unternehmen auf die Idee eine Serie wie die Art Cars aufzulegen und herausragende Künstler für das Projekt zu begeistern?

Reinhard Binder schreibt über die BMW Unternehmenskultur und wie es dem Unternehmen mit einem konsequenten und gut verankerten Wertegerüst immer wieder gelingt neben innovativen Autos auch immer wieder Meilensteine in Architektur und Kommunikation zu setzen.

Reinhard Binder: Eine Unternehmenskultur mit Werten, Verantwortung und Qualitätsbewusstsein, in: Kunst Auto Kommunikation, 2014 S. 28 ff.
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(Deutsch) MesPopArtCars_Titel

Power of the creatives.
A call for recommencement.

Designers are visionary. They create images and conceptions of the future world. They have the power to influence, if not change, the world. Entire eras were shaped by their artists’ and creatives’ styles, that, even today, allow us to experience the attitude towards life of those past times. For Reinhard Binder, the power of the creatives still is an indisputable fact, yet he no longer sees this massive potential utilized. In seven theses, the author reflects upon the significance and the lasting value of contemporary design work and advocates for a change of mentality in creative processes.

Reinhard Binder: Die Macht der Kreativen, in: Corporate Design 2007, S. 6 ff.
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Location as brand.
Region and identity.

Today, marketing does no longer confine to companies and products. Locations too, facilitate the power of brands in order to create identity. Reinhard Binder and Jörg Zintzmeyer answer the following questions: What do corporate-, product- and regional brands have in common? Can regions be treated similarly to companies and products under the aspect of communication? What lessons can location marketing learn from corporate marketing? And vice versa?

Reinhard Binder, Jörg Zintzmeyer: Standort als Marke. Region und Identität, in: Frank G. Kurzhals und Christian Langer (Hrsg.): StadtLandMarke. Strategische Markenführung als Erfolgsfaktor im Location-Branding, Hamburg 2007

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Brand management
in commerce.
Adjustment is expected.

Brand management in commerce. Retail sale is experiencing multifaceted changes that can be compared to no other economic sector: Different purchasing habits and preferences of consumers, as well as new demographic relations and tight budgets lead to the profound need to adjust. Against this background, Reinhard Binder and Andreas Heim examine the significance of brands and brand management in commerce in their contribution.

Reinhard Binder und Andreas Heim: Erfolgsfaktoren identitätsorientierter Markenführung im Handel, in: Hans-Christian Riekhof (Hrsg.), Retail Business in Deutschland. Perspektiven, Stategien, Erfolgsmuster. Wiesbaden: Gabler Verlag, 2007
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Already changed the world today?
A plea for long-lasting
brand development.

Already changed the world today? What factors are relevant, if brands are to be lead to successful development and long-lasting success? In the „Jahrbuch Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation 2006…2007“, Reinhard Binder explains which strategies work and what can be learned from successful brands.

Reinhard Binder: Heute schon die Welt verändert?
in: Energie Faktor WK, Deutscher Preis für Wirtschaftskommunikation, S. 102 f
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Images communicate
the message.
Trade fairs as
part of strategic
brand development.

„Trade fairs achieve, what trade fairs need“, is the position held by Reinhard Binder in the publisher‘s supplement „Trade fairs and exhibitions“ of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. In his article, he adresses the potential and the dimensions of trade fair appearances in the context of strategic brand management and explains the relevance of design in this process.

Bilder vermitteln die Botschaft.
Reinhard Binder in: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Januar 2006
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Trade fairs make brands. Shaping element of corporate communication.

A trade fair is the ideal place for the visualization of the values of a brand. Trade fairs shape brands. Thus, they occupy a central position for the deveolpment of a brand.

Messen machen Marken.
Reinhard Binder in: Horizont, Juni 2005
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Trade fairs make

Trade fairs make measurable. The potential of trade fair appearances is underestimated, and therefore remains unutilized, by many companies. Of course, the main focus of a trade fair is to generate successful business, concurrently however, trade fairs allow – like no other strategic instrument – a targeted advancement of brands and companies: The regular trade fair appearance becomes a milestone, through which the condition and status of a brand is shown relentlessly, and its status becomes measurable.

In his contribution, Reinhard Binder reflects upon the potential of trade fair appearances in the context of strategic brand management.

Messen machen messbar.
Reinhard Binder in:  Galleria, Kundenmagazin Messe Frankfurt, Oktober 2005
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Strategic brand development
pays off.
Creation and management of brand value in the automotive industry.

Reinhard Binder and Jörg Zintzmeyer on creation and management of brand value in the automotive industry. The authors, using the exemplifying branch of the automotive industry, illustrate what factors need to be considered when developing a brand, and how brands can be made successful in the long run.

Jörg Zintzmeyer, Reinhard Binder: Strategische Markenführung zahlt sich aus, in: Markenmanagement in der Automobilindustrie. Ottobrunn: Auto Business Verlag 2003
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Corporate architecture. Building for Brands.

Corporate Architecture as part of integrated communication. Architecture has a potent symbol character. For a targeted creation of the corporate image, successful brands therefore use architecture. Consideration of brand strategy combined with architecture form corporate architecture. In his article, Reinhard Binder states simple principles, that lead to long-lasting success.

Reinhard Binder: Corporate Architecture als Teil integrierter Kommunikation, in: Messe & Event Jahrbuch 2003
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Of the power|of symbols.
Corporate architecture as success factor.

Brand management through visual design. A symbol has always been a nucleus, to express power, a particular mindset or a cultural attitude. Nations, rulers and religions have always tried to benefit from this. Today it is the companies and brands, that do not only secure their recognizability by using symbols and signs, but also distinctively use it to transport their values. In their contribution, Jörg Zintzmeyer and Reinhard Binder depict, how corporate architecture can be used to make brands into profiled and independent experiences. On the outside and inside. For the public, for employees and colleagues and in direct proximity of competitors.

Jörg Zintzmeyer und Reinhard Binder: Von der Kraft der Symbole. Markenführung durch visuelle Gestaltung, in: Gernot Brauer (Hg./Ed.) Dynaform+Cube “Architektur als Markenkommunikation”, Basel-Boston-Berlin 2002, S. 37 ff.

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Temple of images and dreams. Corporate architecture and brand.

Tempel der Bilder und Träume. Neue Chancen – oder das Ende der Kreativität. Corporate Architecture als Teil integrierter Unternehmenskommunikation. Architektur für Marken ist ein zentraler Faktor der Markenkommunikation. So verstanden muss sie wie alle anderen kreativen Disziplinen der Markenstrategie unterworfen werden. Reinhard Binder untermauert seine Ansicht mit sieben Thesen.

Tempel der Bilder und Träume.
Reinhard Binder in: Horizont, November 2002
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